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Wellness Resources

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MaroonsRWell - 2017 Wellness Program
We will kick off the new 2017 incentive year with biometric health screenings this fall!  All Roanoke College faculty and staff who are benefits-eligible may join the wellness program, as well as spouses currently enrolled in the college health insurance plans. Please note that current wellness program participants must attend the biometric health screening or submit the Physician Form to remain eligible for the 2017 wellness program and maintain access to the beBetter Health website. 

Biometric Screening Registration
Registration for the screenings is now open! Please use the link below to register for a time that best fits your schedule. Participation is voluntary and free.   If you are unable to attend the screening events, please see the section below about the Physician Form submission option for more details.

When:      Tuesday, October 11th
Time:       7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Where:     Wortmann Ballroom, Colket Center
Register:  Click Here for Registration Instructions

Registration for Spouses
Spouses who are registering for the screening event should use the last four digits of the SSN for the employee (primary account holder) to create their account. Please see the registration instructions link for complete details.

If you plan to add your spouse to your medical plan during open enrollment, then your spouse will have the option to submit a Physician Form beginning in January 2017 once the spouse is active on the plan. Please email Leighann Boyer ( for further information.

Physician Form Manual Submission Option
If you are unable to attend one of the on-site health screenings, you may submit a physician form for a visit between July 2016 and December 8, 2016.  Please note that this process has been revised this year and you must register online for this option (see registration link above).  Your physician form must be submitted by December 15, 2016. 

2017 Wellness Incentive Program
If you are enrolled in the Roanoke College health insurance plans and participate in the wellness program, you can earn an incentive! For 2017, the incentive amounts are being reviewed and will be announced later this year.   Participation in the screening event will still count 100 points and you will earn the first earning period incentive.

Flu Vaccines
For your convenience, the Roanoke County/Salem health Department will provide FREE flu vaccines during the screening in the ballroom on Tuesday, October 11th from 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Please note that you MUST bring your insurance card. The Health Department will bill your insurance company whether you have Roanoke College or other health insurance coverage. All Roanoke College Anthem health insurance plans cover flu vaccines at 100% as part of the preventive benefits so you will have no out of pocket expense.  

MaroonsRWell in 2016

If you participated in the wellness screening in Fall 2015 or submitted a physician form, you can log onto with your existing username and password. If you have forgotten either, you can follow the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" links on the site to retrieve that information. If you did not activate your account last year, please see the beBetter Quick Start Guide for details on how to setup your online account.

2016 Incentive Program
If you are enrolled in the Roanoke College health insurance plans and participate in the wellness program, you can earn an incentive!  The wellness program year is divided into earning periods in which participants complete certain items to earn points towards receiving the incentive stipend payment for that earning period.  Please see the Roanoke College Wellness Program Summary for complete details on the wellness stipend incentives which are paid on the last pay period of each quarter.  We hope that you will take advantage of participation in the program!

Health Coach & Wellness Advocate
Kate Kirkpatrick Smith, our VPC Health Coach/Wellness Advocate, will be on campus weekly for health coaching sessions. Kate's broad knowledge ranging from fitness, to nutrition, to stress management, to disease prevention and management is a valuable asset to our wellness program. Kate also works closely with our Wellness Team to coordinate wellness programming and promote wellness activities on campus. Please see below for Kate's schedule and contact information.

Health Coach Poster
Kate Smith Bio

For more information, contact Human Resources at 375-2288.