President Maxey on Roanoke

Roanokeā€™s Leadership

Headshot of Vice President and Dean of the College, Richard Smith

Dr. Richard A. Smith

Vice President and Dean of the College

Headshot of Vice president of student affairs and resource development, Aaron Fetrow

Mr. Aaron L. Fetrow

Vice President - Student Affairs and Resource Development

headshot of the vice president of business affairs, Mark Noftsinger

Mr. Mark P. Noftsinger

Vice President - Business Affairs

headshot of Michael Pace, Jr., general counsel

Mr. G. Michael Pace, Jr.

General Counsel

Headshot of the vice president of enrollment and dean of admissions/financial aid, Brenda Poggendorf

Dr. Brenda P. Poggendorf

Vice President - Enrollment and Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Headshot of Mark poore, chief information officer

Mr. Mark D. Poore

Chief Information Officer

Trustees of Roanoke College

Photo of Mr. Morris CreggerOfficers

Mr. Morris M. Cregger, Jr., Chair
Ms. Kathryn S. Harkness, Vice Chair
The Reverend James F. Mauney, Secretary
Mr. Mark P. Noftsinger, Treasurer
Mr. Michael C. Maxey, President


Mr. Kenneth J. Belton, Sr. '81
President, Your Church Partner, Inc.
Salem, Virginia (2019)

Mr. Kirk Howard Betts
Managing Partner, Betts & Holt LLP
Washington, DC (2019)

Dr. Paris D. Butler, MPH '00
Division of Plastic Surgery
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2020)

*Ms. Pamela L. Cabalka '76
CEO & President, Schaper, Incorporated
Edina, Minnesota (2018)
CMO, Chief Outsiders 
Houston, Texas (2018)

Dr. M. Paul Capp '52
Executive Director (Retired), The American Board of Radiology
Tucson, Arizona (2017)

Mr. Joseph H. Carpenter, IV '99
General Attorney & Information Governance Counsel, Norfolk Southern
Norfolk, Virginia (Ex Officio, Alumni Executive Council) 

Ms. Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo '78
President & Director, The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc.
Dallas, Texas (2017)

*Mr. W. Morgan Churchman '65
President (Retired), Central Atlantic Distributors, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2018)

*Mr. Malon W. Courts '92
President, Atlantic Investment Company
Atlanta, Georgia (2020)

*Mr. Morris M. Cregger, Jr. '64
CEO, Cregger Company, Inc.
Columbia, South Carolina (2018)

*Mr. James Spencer Frantz, Jr.
CEO and President, Graham-White Manufacturing Company
Salem, Virginia (2019)

*Mr. David L. Guy '75
CEO and Managing Principal, GS Companies LLC
Charlotte, North Carolina (2017)

Mr. Michael P. Haley '73
Advisor/Managing Director, Fenway Partners/Fenway Resources
Martinsville, Virginia (2020)

Ms. Judith B. Hall '69
Vice President (Retired), General Reinsurance Corp.
New York, New York (2019)

*Ms. Kathryn S. Harkness '73
Professor, Northern Virginia Community College
Annandale, Virginia (2018)

Mr. Richard S. Hathaway '73
Managing Director, J. P. Morgan
Atlanta, Georgia (2018)

Ms. Peggy Fintel Horn '78
Managing Partner, Morneau Shepell SBC Ltd.
Atlanta, Georgia (2020)

Mr. John E. Lang '73
President and CEO, Pinnacle Development Group
Scottsdale, Arizona (2018)

*Mr. Patrick R. Leardo
Partner (Retired), Global Real Estate, Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
New York, New York 
Senior Managing Director, Domain Capital Advisors
Atlanta, Georgia (2018)

Mr. Michael A. Martino '79
President & CEO, Hemaflo Therapeutics, Inc.
Carlsbad, California (2020)

Mr. Timothy D. Messick
Mrs. Wendy M. Messick
Senior Assurance Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
Vienna, VA (Ex Officio - Co-Chairs, Parent Leadership Council)

Ms. Nancy B. Mulheren '72
President and CEO, Rumson Management Company, Inc.
Rumson, New Jersey (2018)

Mr. Timothy J. O'Donnell
Chief Operating Officer, Property & Casualty, Chubb Overseas General Insurance
White Station, NJ (2021)

*Mr. Roger A. Petersen, '81
General Counsel, Litigation, Norfolk Southern
Norfolk, Virginia (2017)

The Reverend J. Christopher Price '75
Senior Pastor (Retired), Epiphany Lutheran Church
Richmond, Virginia (2017)

Mr. J. Tyler Pugh '70
Managing Director/Investments Manager (Retired), Wells Fargo Securities
Roanoke, Virginia (2019)

Ms. Margaret Lynn Jacobs Reichenbach
President, Deeridge Trust and Chair, Jacobs Family Council
West Newton, Massachusetts (2017)

The Reverend Dr. Theodore F. Schneider '56 (ELCA Representative)
Bishop (Retired), Metro Washington DC Synod
Washington, DC (2017)

Mr. Thomas A. Stevens '90
Senior Vice President, NBC News Group Ad Sales
New York, NY (2021)

Mr. Andrew K. Teeter '71
Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services
Charleston, West Virginia (2020)

Ms. Helen Twohy Whittemore '80
Vice President/Secretary, Capital Concrete, Inc.
Norfolk, Virginia (2019)

Mr. Michael C. Maxey
President, Roanoke College
Salem, Virginia (Ex Officio)

Mr. Mark P. Noftsinger
Treasurer, Roanoke College
Roanoke, Virginia (Ex Officio)

*Members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees