Sponsorship of Institute Nominees

  • Each executive sponsor is requested to write a letter of nomination for the candidate from his/her organization. The nomination letter should highlight the candidate's work experience, history with the organization, and the individual's ability to participate in and contribute to the management program.
  • A resume of the candidate, as well as the completed Nomination Form (see below) should accompany the executive sponsor's letter of nomination. The deadline for receipt of nomination materials is Friday, November 12, 2021.
  • For each nominee, college experience is a prerequisite for acceptance into the Institute's Management Program.
  • Nominations are screened by the Institute's Faculty and Steering Committee. Sponsors will be notified by Friday, December 10, 2021.
  • A minimum of fourteen candidates and a maximum of eighteen candidates will be admitted to the Institute.
  • To be eligible for graduation from the Institute's 2022 Management Program, candidates must attend 66% of all activities and formal classroom instruction. Perfect attendance will be recognized.
  • Institute tuition is $1,950 per person and is payable after the candidate's acceptance into the program. Tuition is due after notification of acceptance and before Monday, January 10, 2022.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sharon Gibbs, Institute Director. She can be reached by phone (540-375-2429) or by email at sgibbs@roanoke.edu. You may also contact the Program Secretary, Janet Duncan, by phone at (540-375-2426) or by email at jduncan@roanoke.edu or in person at:  

The Management Institute 
Francis T. West Hall
Roanoke College
221 College Lane 
Salem, Virginia 24153

Selection Criteria for TMI Candidates

  • Application/Admission - Candidates must be nominated by a superior officer or owner in their organization, unless they are the senior officer or are self-employed
  • Education Level - Four years of college or a minimum of 3 years of management experience.
  • Management experience - Be at least a middle manager or above. (Experience has shown that first level managers often do not achieve the maximum benefits from this intensive course.)
  • Potential for Promotion - Be under strong consideration to take on higher levels of responsibility within the sponsoring organization unless currently the senior officer of that organization or self-employed.
  • Years of Work Experience - The number of years with the sponsoring organization and/or previous organization and/or previous organization(s) should also be emphasized.

Personal Qualities - should possess the ability to: 

  • Motivate others to attain a goal 
  • Articulate what are important characteristics of an effective leader 
  • Make quality contributions to a class discussion based on previous experience 
  • Solve complex problems 
  • Have a sense of humor 
  • Involve others in the decision making process 
  • Be a team leader, as well as a team player 
  • Design and manage a budget 
  • Possess the ability to communicate

Basic knowledge of: 

  • Budgets
  • Functional area requirements
  • Mission Statement
  • Factors from the external environment which can impact a business

*No direct reporting relationship should exist among candidates from the same company.