Ellen Dyer, Rick Fox and Sandy McGhee

Ellen Dyer, Rick Fox and Sandy McGhee are the 2019 winners of the Service to All Roanoke award -- the STAR Award. 

By Roanoke College News

Roanoke College Employees Honored with 2019 STAR Awards

Each December, Roanoke College recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of their job duties with the STAR Awards. STAR—Service to All Roanoke—Award recipients are individuals who have an outstandingly positive impact on the College community, whether interacting with colleagues or with students. The winners also contribute in some way to their local community.

STAR Award winners are chosen from throughout the campus in three employee categories: exempt, non-exempt and hourly. 

The STAR Award recipient in the exempt category is Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Health and Counseling Services Sandy McGhee. A nurse practitioner, she serves as a tireless advocate for students who may have been the victim of sexual misconduct or other forms of psychological or physical abuse. She also helps and supports many students who experience emotional and mental challenges as well as physical disabilities—and often is the only person in whom a student is willing to confide. McGhee has broadly framed the scope of her office to include a social services element. She is a lifeline for many students experiencing a personal or financial hardship, connecting them to needed resources.

A staff member for 21 years, McGhee is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive array of wellness education  programs and services, including the Health Education Awareness Team peer educator program. She often comes to campus on the weekends or during the evening to speak to student organizations or groups about a variety of important topics.

Ellen Dyer received the STAR Award in the non-exempt category. She has been at Roanoke for 18 years, beginning as athletics secretary and currently serving as secretary for the biology and psychology departments. Dyer keeps the departments running smoothly with competence and kindness, and she is beloved by students and faculty alike. She cheerfully provides the help and support they need, remembers birthdays and special occasions, and can always be counted upon for an encouraging word and smile. Her colleagues describe her efficiency, patience and good humor as nearly “superhuman.” Dyer received the STAR Award for all that she does to make her department a productive, welcoming and happy workplace. 

The STAR Award recipient in the hourly category is Rick Fox, a member of the building and grounds department for 12 years. He performs general maintenance all over campus and is known for his friendly and helpful manner, and for going above and beyond his duties. Fox helped organize the maintenance shop and created new processes to make things more efficient for the staff. He serves the students directly as the coach for the baseball club and has made a real impact on them. He also is very involved with his church and service to the community. A colleague says that Rick’s life and example inspire him and calls him “a great man of God.”

Roanoke College is pleased to recognize these capable and dedicated employees with the 2019 STAR Awards.