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By Roanoke College News

Roanoke College takes over public radio segment "The Academic Minute"

Five Roanoke College professors have taken over the public radio segment The Academic Minute for the week of December 17th.

The goal of the segment is to summarize findings from their research to include an “I didn’t know that” fact. The five professors and their topics are:

Dr. Chris Lassiter, Biology: Examining zebrafish to understand human conditions

Dr. Lindsey Osterman, Psychology: Perception of actors after #MeToo

Dr. Steven Hughes, Chemistry: Improving LED technology

Dr. Brooks Crozier, Biology: Tracking bacteria in water sources

Dr. Darcey Powell, Psychology: Prenatal expectations

The Academic Minute features contributions from colleges and universities all over the world. The segment is produced at WAMC, a station in Albany, New York, and airs on more than 70 stations in the United States and Canada.

You can listen to each segment through the Academic Minute website, or check out the list of stations it airs on and tune in.