Angel Tree gifts for 2020

Gifts for the Angel Tree project for the West End Center for Youth

By Roanoke College News

Roanoke College holiday project continues

Many in the Roanoke College community came together to provide gifts for the students at the West End Center for Youth in Roanoke. The partnership between the College and the West End Center has been in place for many years with Roanoke students tutoring throughout the year. Each year around the holidays, an Angel Tree project is organized by faculty and staff to provide a new outfit for each West End Center student.  

Even in the midst of a pandemic and one of the most challenging semesters in Roanoke College history, faculty and staff came together and provided new clothes, coats, shoes and more for 80 students. In fact, even after all the angels were adopted, there were still more people interested in being involved. Many employees did their angel gift as a group project for their office or as a family project where their own children helped select the items for their angel.  

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the West End Center Angel Tree a 2020 success!