By Roanoke College News

Apply by Oct. 15 deadline for fast news on merit scholarships

Roanoke invests in students who have worked hard and achieved success in high school. Merit scholarships help these students realize their Roanoke potential.

Merit scholarships can range from $9,000 per year up to $20,000 per year, depending on the student's GPA and SAT score (critical reading and math.) Students who live in Virginia also receive the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant, estimated at $3,100 per year. In addition to these scholarships and grants, Roanoke has need-based financial aid available.

Merit scholarship offers are made after a student is accepted. Students who apply by the first deadline, October 15 will get a speedy response from the College and will know their decision and merit award by Halloween.

Fill out the application today. Be a Roanoke Maroon by November!