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Nov 2018

What’s on the menu? Check out Food Tracker!

IT Department creates way to let you know when your favorite food is on the Commons menu.

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Oct 2018

Roanoke lacrosse alumni gather in Darien, CT

Those gathered represented six decades of Roanoke College lacrosse and included four All-American and Roanoke College Athletic Hall of Fame players.

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Sep 2018

Updated: Roanoke will be open Tuesday 9/18

Updated: Flood warnings from Tropical Storm Florence expire 5:30 pm Monday. Roanoke will be open Tuesday. Parking lots reopen Monday evening.  

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In Case You Missed It: Roanoke College in the News

Lots of media coverage for Roanoke College and Roanoke faculty over the summer. Check out some of the stories you may have missed while you were away. 

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Aug 2018

Grisetti retires after 30 years in Campus Safety

After more than 30 years serving the Roanoke College community, Associate Director of Campus Safety John Grisetti is retiring.

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Jun 2018

Roanoke College and valley communities honor alumnus with mural

Maurice Ferguson '77 began publishing poems while in college. With the help of several  from RC and the Roanoke Valley arts community, one of his poems was turned into a mockingbird mural in Roanoke's Wasena area.

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Roanoke College magazine preview: Issue 1, 2018

In mailboxes soon: the new issue of Roanoke College magazine.

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May 2018

Roanoke College Students and Faculty Leaving for ASIANetwork Fellowship Research Trip to South Korea

Six Roanoke College students and two faculty members will embark to South Korea on Wednesday, May 3rd to conduct a three-week research project called Strangers in Their Imagined Motherland: North Korean Refugees in South Korea.

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Mar 2018

What. A. Moment.

Young player from Team IMPACT shares big news with his Roanoke soccer team members. Read the post from Sam Rauf '18.

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Feb 2018

McGill helps Roanoke College move forward by learning from an uncomfortable past

Joseph McGill travels to storied institutions around the country to shed light on forgotten people and their stories. At Roanoke College, he's helping students and faculty properly memorialize the Monterey slave quarters. .

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Blog: Images from January events

Roanoke College kicked the semester off right with several noteworthy events.

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Jan 2018

Meet the Maroons: Jacob Friedrich

Jacob Friedrich's dorm room at Roanoke College is an eclectic blend of his interests and hobbies.

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Blog: WRKE plans continued growth with interest meeting

WRKE is hoping to add more shows to this semester's lineup by holding an interest meeting on Sunday, January 28.

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Blog: In Case You Missed It -- News stories

Several great stories about Roanoke students, professors, classes and alumni were featured in the media recently. 

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