Sushi in Cavern
By Rebecca Marsh '21

What's new in the Cavern?

Roanoke College students and faculty started the 2019-20 academic year with some exciting new changes in the Cavern, the College's beloved "grab and go" eatery.

New items have been added to the menu. Burritos have joined wraps, burgers and salads as menu offerings. And three days a week - Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - students can now enjoy sushi, made by a local sushi vendor.

The familiar red and green walls are now painted a neutral gray, and the familiar chairs have been updated to go along with the new paint job. Over fall break, new laminate was placed on the front counters, and the tray slide was removed. New sofas, chairs, tabletops and pictures for the newly painted walls will be added throughout the fall and spring semester.

Tim Tenon, general manager of dining services, says the new menu options seem to be wildly popular with students and staff, and he hopes for more food offerings, more programming and a full renovation of the Cavern space in the future.

"Would love to blow out walls and expand the offerings - improvements to make it a place more students want to work and have fun, he says.