Image of mascot Rooney in a lab coat with words: Be a Science Hero
By Roanoke College News

Be a Science Hero

#MaroonsTogether for Science

What is a hero? Someone who inspires others, improves lives and helps make the world a better place. At Roanoke College, we're in the hero business. The student experience prepares Maroons to do great things! Science is a core component of that experience, equipping them to be heroes in their professions and communities.

The Science Center will be a transformational facility that will take the science experience at Roanoke College to the next level! Support from the Roanoke community is crucial in helping make the Science Center a reality. 

We're asking all Maroons and friends of Maroons to unite and be Science Heroes for Roanoke College. Join us by making a gift as we raise $500,000 in 24 hours for the Science Center!

Get your capes ready, incredible things are about to happen!