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By Roanoke College News

Leipzig Semester Offers Study Abroad Opportunity

If you’ve wanted to study abroad but are concerned about cost or credit transfers, Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O’Keef, associate professor of public affairs, is leading a semester-long option in Leipzig, Germany. 

The program will allow ten to fifteen Roanoke College students to take four courses in Leipzig, a city about 100 miles southwest of Berlin, in fall 2020.

There is no language prerequisite, and students are encouraged to apply regardless of their experience (or lack thereof) with the German language. Students accepted to the program will be participating in an experience that completely immerses them in German culture, including the option of German language classes.

Students can earn credits towards international relations, political science, environmental studies, and creative writing majors. Credit for INQ 260 and 271 is also available, as well as credit for the German and public health minors, and concentrations in public history, screen studies, anthropology, and peace and justice.

Upcoming courses available in Leipzig include “Heritage: The politics of nature, culture, and sustainability,” during which students will learn about sustainability while studying in a country known for progressive environmental policy, as well as visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the country. “The Other Side of the Wall - The German Democratic Republic in Film” is another course that will be offered. 

Accepted students will be housed in apartments, but will be responsible for their own food. Field trips to nearby locations such as Poland, Berlin and Strasbourg, France will be offered periodically. Participants will also have inexpensive travel options elsewhere in Europe during the semester; students have previously visited cities such as Barcelona, Prague, and London. 

To participate in this program, there is a $3,000 program fee that covers all airfare and excursions. Roanoke College tuition and fees cover Leipzig tuition and housing, and all scholarships are transferable. Students will not be charged the meal plan.

The deadline to apply February 1, 2020, and anyone who is interested in the program should contact Dr. Mihalache-O’Keef or Dr. Pamela Serota Cote.