Dr. Fleenor and Dr. Rearick on campus
By Roanoke College News

Dr. Fleenor and Dr. Rearick awarded Lilly Faculty Fellowships

Dr. Matthew Rearick, associate professor of kinesiology, and Dr. Matthew C. Fleenor,  professor of physics, have been awarded Lilly Faculty Fellowships. The two-year program includes four conferences in Indianapolis and Chicago through 2021, as well as the means to establish a Lilly Faculty Fellows Program on campus beginning in Fall 2020.

Fleenor and Rearick began collaborating more than ten years ago, together establishing an entry-level physics course for health students aimed at teaching connections between life and physical sciences, and are now exploring a new direction with Lilly. The Lilly Faculty Fellows program seeks mid-career faculty who desire a more defined role in the mission, vision, and calling of the College, as well as those who look to reinvigorate their own sense of purpose. Fleenor says, “As mid-career faculty, we awoke from the focus of achieving tenure and promotion with a distinct unsettledness, a lingering question of ‘now what?’”  The program hopes to provide a space where faculty can explore these questions and challenges.

Roanoke College has been a member of the 101-school Lilly network since 1996. The program is based at Christ College, the interdisciplinary honors college of Valparaiso University in Indiana.

History professor Dr. Mary Henold and religion assistant professor Dr. Melanie Trexler are the Lilly Fellows Program Campus Representatives.