Issue 1, 2020
By Roanoke College News

Previewing now: the new issue of Roanoke College magazine

How interesting, and unsettling, are words that have crept into the everyday lexicon in recent months.

Unprecedented. Quarantine. Resilience. Normalcy. Restriction.


Life on the Roanoke College campus has been shaken - first with a shift to remote instruction, followed by a wave of suspended activity that in a short span devolved into near standstill, as it did on the campuses of colleges and universities nationwide.

Yet we continue to persevere, in an evolving test of strength, innovation and possibility.

The new issue of Roanoke College magazine reflects this unsettled time. We could not discount it.

To demonstrate that life does indeed continue with a welcome degree of normalcy at Roanoke, this issue includes a compelling story about a Roanoke College faculty member who was inspired to write a play about the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. - a play that is expected to make history by being the first performed in the U.S. Supreme Court. Also included is a lighthearted feature about two alumnae, both writers, who are coping with the realities of having their work optioned for television and film.

All, in the new issue of Roanoke College magazine, in mailboxes soon. For a preview, click here.