The Rock is painted blue and gold and has the seal of Ukraine
By Roanoke College News

A Message from President Maxey: Support for the People of Ukraine - 2/25/22

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

There are times in our lives when we realize that historic moments are happening before our eyes. With the Russian invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, we are witness to one of those history-making moments. These actions by Russia are entirely antithetical to our values as a College community and we condemn those actions as firmly as we can. Wrong must be called out for what it is and this invasion is wrong.

It is important for us to reflect on why we reject the actions of Russia and why we support the people of Ukraine in this trying moment. At Roanoke, we stand for civil debate and behaviors. The actions of Russia are violent acts that overrun civil behaviors. Russia’s actions are completely in violation of respect between nations and people.

The nation of Ukraine has a long and distinguished history as an independent nation. Now is a time to express our unity with them. We have had students from Ukraine over the years. We have faculty with family and ancestral ties to Ukraine. Students have taken courses in many departments where they have learned about this dynamic nation and region. This invasion is a violation of what we hold dear.

In moments like these it is important for people who value a decent society to stand up and be a voice of support for Ukraine and its people. Next Tuesday, March 1 at noon on the Colket Center front patio, we will hold a teach-in to learn about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At Roanoke College, we value being informed citizens and this is a critical time for all of us to not only be informed but engaged citizens as well.

Please attend the teach-in. Please remember the people of Ukraine in their moments of anguish. Please maintain your vigilant support for standing up against evil behavior in the world wherever you find it. Now is the time for those actions within our own Roanoke College community on behalf of the people of Ukraine. I call on all members of the Roanoke College community to condemn the premeditated and malevolent Russian invasion.

President Michael C. Maxey