Students participate in storytelling workshop
By Roanoke College News

Blog: Student workshop connects professional purpose with skills and experience

Most young people long for a sense of purpose in life, including at work. Studies show, however, that postgraduates have trouble finding purpose in post-college jobs, while employers say graduates lack key skills to be competitive job candidates. 

Roanoke College is taking an innovative approach to these challenges, by helping students focus on “purpose” as a guiding theme of their career and life planning throughout their college experience.

Over the past six months, Story2 collaborated with Roanoke College to help students launch high-value careers and lives with purpose and meaning. Story2 led a workshop with 24 graduating seniors teaching them how to tell stories that connect the professional purpose they seek with their skills, experience, and temperament for specific career opportunities. 

Read more about Story2's work with Roanoke students and see a video of Gaston Ocampo, an international student from Argentina.