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By Roanoke College News

Virtual Student Activities

    Dear Students, 

    We recognize it is tough being away from Roanoke during these difficult times. For this reason, the office of Student Activities, the Student Government Association, and the Campus Activities Board are working hard to create remote activities and services that will keep us connected and together as a community. These activities and services include competitions on social media, movie watching, support for video chat rooms, and a Minecraft server! And as always...great prizes. 

    We will advertise activities in a number of ways. Be sure to check the college event calendar and daily announcements on RC Today. We will also use ClubHub to communicate, as well as a number of social media sites to promote and run certain activities and contests. Make sure to follow Roanoke Campus Life on Facebook,  @roanokecampus on Instagram, and @roanokeCAB on Instagram. Tag any photos or virtual maroon meet ups with #maroonstogether during this time and we can follow each other virtually.

    Some upcoming activities of note... 

    • The Brackety-Ack will continue to publish on-line, look for upcoming issues on March 27 and April 10 at 
    • RC Craft…a Roanoke College Minecraft Server (more details to come)
    • A Netflix Watch Party of Bee Movie moderated by Zach and Brice (Video Killed the Radio Star) 
    • A Roanoke College Student Screenplay Competition 
    • Information on Club Hub re: school supported video conferencing so Student Orgs can stay connected 
    • CAB Photo Contests 
    • A reminder that the 2020 Student Organization and Leadership Awards are back. Submit nominations by April 9 at
    • And a Virtual Commons March Madness Tournament Bracket that all can play! 

    Please take care of yourselves, be safe, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you get through these challenging times. 

    Go Maroons! 

    Senn Boswell 
    SGA President 

    Dani Moore  
    Assistant Director of Student Activities