WRKE radio studio
By Rebecca Marsh '21

WRKE debuts new programs

WRKE, Roanoke College’s student-run radio station, has added a range of shows to its diverse lineup for the 2019-20 school year.

Thirteen new shows have been added to an already impressive array of programs. New shows include “Hot & Heavy,” hosted by wellness peer educators Donovan Hill ’21 and Tiffany-Reece Piers ’22, that covers topics such as mental health and sex. “Politics and Pop Culture,” hosted by Ethan Perritt ’23, discusses political topics and pop culture.

Debuting in September was “Puentes Culturales,” a weekly show hosted by Dr. Jose Banuelos Montes and Dr. Alba Arias Alvarez, both faculty in the Modern Languages Department. The show is the first WRKE show not only to be hosted by a professor, but is also the first show to be spoken solely in Spanish. They hope to bring the Hispanic and Latinx world to the Roanoke College campus with discussions of politics, culture, and society by bringing guests who can speak to new opportunities for the Roanoke College Hispanic community.  

“We want to bring the Hispanic Community to the College and vice versa.”

Dr. Alba Arias Alvarez, assistant professor of Spanish

In an interview with WRKE Dr. Alvarez explains, “ There is a big Hispanic Community in the Salem and Roanoke area. However, in my classes, I got the impression that there is not a big connection between Roanoke College and such community. With no doubt, our students would benefit from such connection. We want to bring the Hispanic Community to the College and vice versa.”

The new academic year also brings a variety of staff changes and additions.

Olivia Sampogna’s dedication as WRKE’s co-music director for three consecutive semesters made the Roanoke College junior the obvious choice to step up as program director this semester. Zach Dalton’s four years of experience in the radio business, prior to college, allowed him to take over as the assistant program director. Staff members Rebecca Mitchell ’21 and Amber Ross ’20 returned this semester as music director and marketing coordinator, respectively.

To find out more about WRKE and other new shows this semester, check out the station’s webpage at: wrke.pages.roanoke.edu. WRKE can be heard on the air in Salem at 100.3 FM or online at WRKE.org.