Our Goals and Our Vision

Our Goals: 

  1. Goal 1: Foster student success and well-being   
  2. Goal 2: Advance academic innovation and transformative learning experiences  
  3. Goal 3: Promote administrative, financial, and operational excellence  
  4. Goal 4: Advance access, diversity, inclusion, and belonging  
  5. Goal 5: Elevate Roanoke College’s Distinctiveness    

Our Vision:

We champion potential, providing learning and leadership through leading-edge academic programs and transformative educational experiences, giving students the mettle, mindset, and empathy to pursue lives of purpose, build meaningful careers, and meet our society’s most pressing needs.

Our Why:

Championing potential and purpose leaves a legacy of good that belongs to every Maroon, our community, and the world.

Guiding Principles—We will:   

  1. Be student-ready, student-first.   
  2. Foster an ethos of assessment and continuous improvement.   
  3. Deploy a technology-enhanced and data-informed environment designed for agility.   
  4. Foster a human-centered, well-being-oriented work culture.   
  5. Be environmentally responsible.  
  6. Be courageous and take measured and reasoned risks.  
  7. Commit to a life-long relationship with our alumni and robust corporate, industry, educational, and non-profit partnerships.