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Roanoke has been recognized as a top producer of Fulbright Scholars

Watch Video erin keating with a script while sitting on a stage

See how Erin Keating won a Fulbright Scholarship to study Shakespeare in the UK, making her one of only a handful of students in the country to be selected for the program.

Our Fulbright Scholars have Global Impact

Roanoke has been listed as a top producing Fulbright institution for three consecutive years. In fact, 16 students have been honored with this scholarship in the past 6 years. Here are just four of them. 

A female student smiling in a selfie with the mountains of Korea behind her

Tessa Sydnor earned a second opportunity to live in Korea and pursue her passion for the culture and art of the region. In 2013, she studied there as a Gilman Scholar. Sydnor received a Fulbright grant to teach in South Korea and represent the United States as a cultural ambassador.

A male student smiling with the Roanoke College campus behind him

Brandon Mayer was awarded a Fulbright-Nehru grant to study in India. A business major, Mayer spent nine months at Delhi University analyzing how foreign direct investment impacts local entrepreneurs. His goal was to identify the ideal level of investment that will help business development without creating dependency on aid.

A female student sitting and smiling with a palace in England behind her in the background

Brieanah Gouveia, an art history major, studied at Nottingham Trent University in England as part of the Fulbright summer exchange program. Gouveia studied Nottingham's art, architecture and museums, volunteered in the community and prepared a final exhibition. She's drawn to art history, because it helps people better understand the world.

A male student sitting in front of a large bank safe

Daniel Osborne, a history major, studied at the universities of Dundee and Strathclyde in Scotland as part of the Fulbright summer exchange program. A musician, Osborne explored Scottish influence on the culture of the Appalachian Mountains, particularly with regard to Scottish folk music and folklore.

Roanoke students are doing serious research

A male student sitting at a laptop working on research in a computer lab

Computer Science major Thomas Lux

Learn how Roanoke gives achievers like Thomas Lux a chance to "jump ahead." Watch video.

A female student and a male professor talking while the student is looking through a microscope

Biology major Kayla Klingensmith

See why lobster research and service work with Habitat for Humanity prepared her for dental school. Watch video

A smiling female student standing on the Roanoke College campus

Psychology majors Urecki, Tripp and Gladfelter 

Hear how undergraduate research gives these students an edge in jobs and grad school. Watch video.

A female student smiling, wearing a lab coat and standing in a science lab

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors Wojtera, Perkins and Wright

See how research builds their passion for careers in science. Watch video.

They’re recognized as great teachers and great scholars

A picture of a smiling, female professor in front of the Roanoke College Administration building

Martha Kuchar in Moldova. Dr. Martha Kuchar, chair of the Roanoke College English department, received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Eastern Europe, marking her second time as a recipient of this prestigious award. While there, Kuchar will consult on pedagogy with faculty at Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University, an English teaching resource center, and conduct research on East European literature.

A smiling female professor standing in front of a building on the Roanoke College campus

Dr. Stella Xu, recipient of the prestigious Freeman Fellowship traveled to China with four Roanoke students to conduct research for a project, "Reinvented Tradition in the Age of Globalization: The Silk Road and its Legacy in Contemporary China." The students presented their research during the ASIA Network's annual conference in March 2013 in Nashville, TN.

A smiling mal professor standing in front of trees

Dr. James Peterson, Schumann Professor of Christian Ethics, is an elected member of the International Society for Science & Religion. The purpose of this exclusive society, with only 200 members worldwide, is to promote education through facilitating communication between the ideas of science and religion.

45% of Roanoke grads earn advanced degrees

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