Students in the athletic training room, dressing an injury

Athletic Training Room

Roanoke's athletic training room is used both for rehabilitation and therapy for student athletes and as a learning device for students interested in athletic training. Often students receive clinical-type training in helping other students overcome injuries. The College's Medical Director uses every opportunity to help students learn in the training room.

Students looking at the results on the metabolic cart as another student runs

Health and Human Performance Lab

The lab used by HHP students at Roanoke is a vibrant facility stocked with cutting-edge equipment, including but not limited to:

  • a metabolic cart (Medgraphics Ultima System) that collects and measures inspired and expired gases during submaximal and maximal physical activity. The cart is used for laboratory activities and independent study projects.
  • a two-dimensional video analysis system (Vicon-Peak Video Capture) that tracks position of anatomically relevant markers used for determining movement (e.g., limb) kinematics
  • a force plate (AMTI 6-Dimensional) that measures center of pressure used for assessing postural control in the evaluation of ankle braces and the like
Student in a ballpark

City of Salem

Roanoke College's location in Salem, Va., is ideal for HHP students. The city has hosted more than 50 national championships. Also, one of the College's faculty members is the medical coordinator for these events, and students assist him each year at national championship contests.

Photo of the Cregger Center

Cregger Center

The Cregger Center is the home of the Belk Fitness Center and the Roanoke College Athletic Training Program. It has two classrooms, an instructional technology classroom, the Athletic Department and an indoor track in the Fieldhouse.

Belk Fitness Center

Belk Fitness Center

The Belk Fitness Center is Roanoke's new state of the art fitness center. It includes a large aerobic area with treadmills, stationary bikes, Stairmasters, and elliptical machines. It also holds over 25 Body Masters and Hammer Strength machines as well as a wide range of free weight equipment. The Belk Fitness Center is open to the entire college community and also used by the Athletic Trainers for the rehabilitation of the college's athletes.