International Student Housing

International students are guaranteed on-campus housing and can remain in their rooms without charge during breaks in the academic year. Students must submit a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods Form. The break calendar is available. There is a charge for housing during the summer.

Students posing by Catawba flags

There are several on-campus residence hall options for our international students, see Where to Live. In addition to the regular campus residence halls, there is the Global Village hall, called Catawba Chalmers, where international and U.S. students live together in a smaller dorm that provides an enjoyable unique opportunity for sharing cultures and learning from one another in a supportive residential community.  With about two-thirds of the residents being international students, Catawba truly feels like a global village. The Office of International Education provides programming support to Catawba for internationally-themed events and dinners.

International students gathered together in a lounge for a picture

To apply to live in Catawba the Global Village at Chalmers, there is a special application process. Contact the International Education Office: