Tuition & Financial Aid

Understanding that financing a college education is one of the most significant life investments families can make, Roanoke College is committed to offering high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

Helping students obtain a top-notch education at
an affordable cost...

All international applicants who do not wish to apply for financial aid must print and submit by email the Roanoke College Certificate of Finances along with a bank-certified statement and/or other form of documentation indicating the annual resources available for their education.  All international students who do wish to apply for need-based financial aid must print and submit by email the Roanoke College I-20 Application (if they are going to be a residential student) or the Roanoke College I-20 Application Commuter (if they are going to be a commuter student) along with a bank-certified statement and/or other form of documentation indicating the annual resources for their education.  All certificates, applications, and bank statements may be emailed to or to Elise Bennett, Director of International Recruitment, at

Roanoke College International Financial Aid Application

I-20 Application Resident (PDF) 

I-20 Application Resident (Word)

I-20 Application Commuter (PDF)  

I-20 Application Commuter (Word)

Roanoke College Certificate of Finances

2022-2023 Academic Year

Tuition – $33,510
Room-Rent (standard-double)** - $7,176
Board - 19 Meal Plan*** – $8,190
Fees* - $1,690
Estimated Health Insurance and Books – $2,450
Total* – $53,016 (USD)

*Fees: Student activities: $640, Commuter Tech Fee (commuters only): $780, Residential Tech Fee (boarding students only): $1,050, Orientation (new students only): $150; International students are required to participate in the College's health insurance plan (the only exceptions - ISEP exchange students).

** Standard housing charges apply for students living in the following dormitories: Bartlett, Catawba, Chalmers, Crawford, Fox, Marion, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Smith, Wells, Yonce, Kappa Alpha, Alpha Sigma Alpha or Pi Kappa Alpha. Students residing in Caldwell, Beamer, Ritter, Chesapeake, the Wortmann Complex (single occupancy), Augusta (single occupancy) or New Hall (single occupancy) will be charged $9,224 for room/rent. Students residing in Elizabeth Hall, Afton Hall (single occupancy) or the New Hall apartments can expect room/rent costs of $9,720. Apartments/Semi-suites in Afton Hall (double occupancy), Chesapeake (double), Crawford (double), New Hall (semi-suite residents) will be charged $8,706. Students living in the Wortmann complex (Blue Ridge, Tabor and Shenandoah Halls) (double occupancy), Chesapeake (double occupancy), Augusta (double occupancy) and New Hall (double occupancy) will be charged room/rent costs of $8,196.

***All new freshmen residing on campus MUST participate in the 19-meal plan.  All other students, including new transfers, may select a 14-meal plan at a cost of $6,984.  Students residing at the Afton Hall Apartments and New Hall Apartments may purchase a 9-meal plan for $4,378. 

Additional Fees Directly Billed to Select Students:

Cost Per Class: $2,160
Single Room: $472 (per semester)
Part-Time Activity Fee: $62 (per semester) 

Summer School:

Cost Per Class: $2,160
Residence Hall (per four-week session): $852
Technology Fee (per four-week session: charged only if residing on campus): $54

Merit Scholarships

To be considered for merit scholarships, a student must first apply and be accepted to the College. No separate scholarship application is required for an initial merit scholarship award. The award is based upon high academic achievement and covers partial tuition. Roanoke offers merit scholarships that range from $7,000-$15,000 annually for up to 4 years. Supplemental awards may be granted for students demonstrating financial need.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

International students may apply to the Honors Program and to the Fellows Program.

The Roanoke College Honors Program is designed for students who excel in academics, have strong leadership skills and pursue numerous extracurricular activities. The Honors Program provides students with many distinct educational opportunities and classes. Besides meeting new friends, you join a competitive group of academic students who will graduate with an Honors diploma. 

Payment Options

Roanoke College loans are available for select international students. For eligibility, students should apply with Roanoke’s International Student Financial Aid Application. If granted, these loans do not require a U.S. co-signer. Roanoke College loans are at an 8% interest rate and the repayment period (5 years) does not begin until 6 months after graduation.

Payment Plan: Many students and parents have found payment plans to be a convenient way to spread college costs out over a semester.  Roanoke College participates with one outside agency that offers payment plans to all of our students.  The only cost to the family is a set up fee that is charged.  This fee is assessed with each plan.  No interest is charged during the payment period.

Roanoke encourages international students to pay their tuition, room, board, and fees using Flywire which allows students to pay in home currency.  To establish a Flywire account.

You may also work on campus for up to 20 hours per week during the school year to help pay for expenses. On average, you can earn anywhere from $1,000–$2,000 per year through on-campus employment.