Staying Closer to Home

You can create your own experience, on your terms

Hear from students who grew up in the Roanoke area and came to Roanoke College. They tell their stories of initially wanting to go to farther away until they realized Roanoke was the right place for them. 

Roanoke alumna makes history as Salem’s first woman mayor

Renée Turk has spent decades serving Salem in various roles since graduating from Roanoke College.

Meet Roanoke's valedictorians and salutatorians

They share how they were able to succeed and stand out at Roanoke.

Local student Q&A: Olivia Kitt

"It’s a place that you can make your new home. You can still have that independence that you crave and you can also still spend time away from it."

Local student Q&A: Lucas Weaver

"You can create your own experience even if you are within the Salem area. It’s totally up to you in terms of what you want."

Local student Q&A: Hayley Assenat

"I was 10 times happier at Roanoke than I ever was at my big school."

Campus diversity brings nation, world to Roanoke

Local students are pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the campus community.