Tuition and Fees

2022-2023 Academic Year

Tuition $33,510
Room-Rent (standard-double)** $7,176
Board - 19-meal plan*** $8,190
Fees* $1,840
Total $50,716

Estimate Scholarships and Aid

* Fees:

Student activities: $640
Commuter Tech Fee (commuters only): $780
Residential Tech Fee (boarding students only): $1,050
Orientation (new students only): $150

** Standard housing charges apply for students living in a double occupancy room within the following dormitories: Bartlett, Catawba, Chalmers, Crawford, Fox, Kappa Alpha, Marion, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Lambda Phi, Sigma Chi, Smith, Wells or Yonce Halls. If students are able to procure a single room in any of the previously listed dormitories, it will cost $8,170 per year.  Students residing in single occupancy rooms within Augusta, Beamer, Blue Ridge, Caldwell, Chesapeake, New Hall, Ritter, Shenandoah or Tabor Halls will be charged $9,224 for room/rent. Apartments in Smith Hall, double occupancy are also $9,224.  Students residing in the Afton (single occupancy), Chesapeake, Elizabeth or the New Hall apartments can expect room/rent costs of $9,720. Students should expect to be charged $8,706 if they are living in a double occupancy apartment within Afton or Chesapeake Halls.  The apartments in Crawford and New Hall semi-suite residents will be charged $8,707. Students living in a double occupancy room within Augusta, Blue Ridge, Chesapeake, New Hall, Shenandoah or Tabor will be charged room/rent costs of $8,196

*** All new freshmen residing on campus MUST participate in the 19-meal plan. All other students, including new transfers, may select a 14-meal plan at a cost of $6,984. Students residing at the Afton or New Hall Apartments may purchase a 9-meal plan for $4,378. Students residing in Elizabeth Hall may opt out of either meal plan.

Additional Fees Directly Billed to Select Students:

Cost per class: $2,224
Part Time Activity Fee: $64 (per semester)

Cost of Attendance: 

The compilation of a financial aid package is a very in-depth process that takes many factors into consideration.  No component, however, is more important than the cost of attendance.  It helps us determine your eligibility for aid by taking into account your enrollment status, dependency status and your living situation (i.e., in residence halls, with parents, off-campus).  The budget is not intended to be a dollar-by-dollar reflection of actual financial responsibilities.  Rather, it is an expression of the average or typical costs of maintaining an adequate standard of living for our students. 

The cost of attendance figure is composed of direct costs like those listed above (tuition, room, board and fees) which are subject to change each year.  It also includes an allotment for books, transportation expenses and miscellaneous expenses.  Here are the components that Roanoke College uses when calculating budgets each year:

Tuition (listed above)
Room/Rent (listed above)
Board/Meal Plan (listed above)
Fees (listed above)
Additional ESTIMATED Indirect Costs: 

Off campus Room and Board:  $15,564
W/Parents Room and Board:  $13,554
Independent Student Room and Board:  $15,752
Books: $1,000
Transportation: $1,250
Personal Spending: $1,000
Estimate for Computer: $1,800 (1st time students only)

Students who are interested in their specific cost of attendance compilation are welcome to contact the financial aid office directly and a worksheet will be provided.

Roanoke College offers an affordable first rate college education. Be sure to check out the links below for some useful information that will help RC become a reality for you!

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