Deal H. Tompkins '29

Deal H. Tompkins was a native of Vinton, Virginia. He graduated from Roanoke High School in 1924 before attending V.P.I from 1924-1926. Tompkins graduated from Roanoke College in 1929 with a B.S. Degree. In 1932 he became an agent of Northwestern Mutual Life in Charleston, West Virginia.

Tompkins was a general agent from 1953 until 1972, and he developed the agency into one of the five largest throughout the company and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table for 29 consecutive years. Tompkins was affiliated with Northwestern mutual Life Insurance Company for over forty years.

Tompkins was President of the Northwestern Mutual General Agents Association, and District Agents Association, and the Charleston Life Underwriters Association. He was a frequent speaker at professional insurance meetings all over the United States. Tompkins worked as a research chemist for Monsanto Chemical Company, and was an also an instructor of chemistry and math at Roanoke College.

An exemplary community leader, Tompkins held the position of President of the Charleston Chamber of Commerce, the Urban Renewal Authority, and the United Fund. He was President of the trustees of a leading Charleston hospital and played a major role in merging five local hospitals, serving briefly as chief executive officer. He was also vice chairman of the Morris Harvey College Trustees. Deal H.

Tompkins was awarded the Roanoke College Medal on April 28, 1973 for his distinctive service and professional achievement, as well as his leadership throughout the community. Deal was married and had three children; Grover R. Tompkins, Betty T. Furtal, and Carol T. Hinshaw.

Deal H. Tompkins received the Roanoke College Medal in 1973.