Mr. Roy R. Pollard, Jr. '40

Roy R. Pollard, Jr. was born on April 10, 1920. He attended Roanoke College for two years, and then continued his studies at Northwestern University. Pollard then attended Officers Candidate School at the United States Naval Academy. He completed his post-graduate schooling at Harvard School of Business, and was part of the smaller company management program.

Pollard served the U.S. Navy during World War II, and was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack. He also held the position of Commander of the "USS Ramsey."

Pollard was president and CEO of Save-Ex, USA, Incorporated. Following World War II, Pollard founded Save and Serve Corporation, and was called "a pioneer in the discount gas business."

After giving his service to the U.S. Navy and opening his own corporation, Pollard became active in the Roanoke College community. He served on the college's Community Advisory Board and worked on the national committee for the college's 1992 Plan. Pollard was also a board member for the college's Management Institute, and was a member of both the Society of 1842 and The Associates.

Roy R. Pollard arranged multiple internship opportunities for Roanoke College Students and worked very hard to give back all he could to his alma mater. In June of 1993, Pollard was awarded the Roanoke College Medal for being an outstanding alumni that represents the ideals of responsible leadership, intellectual integrity, and good citizenship through his professional accomplishments and service to the community.

Roy R. Pollard, Jr. received the Roanoke College Medal in 1993.