Scholarships & Financial Aid

Roanoke is more affordable than you'd think

With more than four out of five Roanoke students receiving grants and scholarships, the cost of a year at Roanoke is more affordable than you'd think.

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“I was awarded scholarships that made it possible for me to attend a school I had worked hard to get into, and there's a lot to be said for that hard work-Roanoke College recognized my achievement and rewarded me accordingly.”

Brianna Griffith '14

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Merit-Based Scholarships

Roanoke has a long history of rewarding students for their hard work in high school with merit awards. All of the sacrifices you made and hours you spent studying will be acknowledged. This year, Roanoke will award $36 million to its students in the form of merit-based scholarships. See what your merit award could be

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Selective Programs

With several programs focusing not just on scholarship, but also on your other talents, you could be further recognized with additional funding. Audition for a music or theater scholarship, apply for an art scholarship, or compete for a fellowship that reflect your interests. Learn about additional opportunities

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Need-based Financial Aid

New students applying to Roanoke, who file the FAFSA, receive an average financial aid package of about $32,000. With a wide range of additional grant, work and loan options, you will likely qualify for additional need-based assistance - even if your family has a six figure income. In fact, almost three out of four Roanoke students receive need-based assistance. Learn more about need-based aid.

Payment Plans and Loans

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We are committed to offering a high quality education at a reasonable cost. That's why we provide a variety of different payment options that allow you and your family to select the best option for you. Whether it's through a no interest payment plan or a loan, we are dedicated to finding a strategy that will make Roanoke a financial reality for you. Learn more about payment plans & loans.

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