Internal Funding

Internal grant funds come from two different sources: the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) and the Dean of the College. If you have questions about programs administered by FDC, please contact Brooks Crozier, FDC Chair, at 375-2548

For information and application forms for the Faculty Professional Advancement (FPA) funds, which are handled through the Dean's office, please contact Susan Rambo, Administrative Specialist at 375-2204.

Applications for AY 2021-2022 need to be submitted by email as a single PDF to the FDC Chair, Brooks Crozier. The format for those applications is listed below:

  1. Type of Application (e.g. Starter Grant, Sabbatical, etc.): Project Title
  2. Project Abstract (100-200 words)
  3. Project Description (< 1,300 words)
  4. Project Timeline
  5. Project Expected Outcomes
  6. Project Itemized Budget (if course release or stipend only, then n/a.)
  7. Applicants list of FDC funding in last three academic years
  8. Project bibliography up to two pages. (Does not count against the 1,300 word limit.)
  9. Project figures/illustrations/tables, optional, up to two pages. (Does not count against the 1,300 word limit.)
  10. Applicant CV
  11. Recommendation from Department Chair (email sent to FDC chair directly)

Once you have received an internal grant, please read the section of the Internal Grant Guidelines entitled "Accessing Internal Grant Funds."  All expenditures must be routed through the Dean's Office.