Registering a Disability and Requesting Accommodations

Students with disabilities or special situations are encouraged to register with Accessible Education Services. Once all information is received, your request will be processed within four weeks. 



Provide proper documentation verifying the disability. Documentation must be from an appropriate specialist, typed on letterhead, signed and dated, and contain the following:

  • Credentials of evaluator;
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability;
  • A listing of diagnostic methodology used in evaluation and the results;
  • A listing of current functional limitations;
  • A description of the expected progress or stability of the disability.

Please see the Complete Documentation Guidelines for a thorough outline of acceptable documentation criteria. 


The Assistant Director of Academic Services for Accessible Education will review requests and documentation to determine eligibility.  

If the student is declared eligible:
The Assistant Director and student will meet to discuss the process for accessing accommodations.

If the student is declared not eligible:
Student can accept the decision or appeal to the Director of Academic Services. Please see the Disability Accommodation Policy for more information on appeals.