Research safety assignment

Research Safety Summary

Due:    Monday of your 2nd week of work

Submit to the Research Inquire Website NOTE:  Before submission, the safety assignment must be approved by your research advisor.   

You should start this assignment by sitting down with your research advisor and talking through your project.  Consider each of the sections below.  You and your advisor must decide what to include in each part.  You may be able to finish this assignment in a couple of hours, or it may take an entire day.  

Background Information: List

·         your name ·         your advisor ·         course registration (e.g. CHEM 406, 477 or 496) and any special uses of the project such as Honors Program Project or Honors in Major ·         project title ·         project date (e.g. Summer '14 or Sept '13-April 14) ·         a one paragraph abstract or summary of your project  

Section 1: The chemicals

List the significant chemicals you will be using.  Include chemicals you are using in significant amounts or ones with special hazards even if used in small amounts.  Don't forget solvents or chemicals used in analysis or with instruments.   Look up the MSDS for each.  The CRC, Merck Index, and other references may also be helpful, but you MUST locate the MSDS for each chemical.  You can find print MSDS in Trexler 464 and online at many sites including  Record in your summary:

·         physical and chemical properties (one line is sufficient)

·         proper storage (eg. Regular shelf, refrigerator, flammable cabinet, etc.)

·         hazards and safety considerations (just the important points; note especially if a chemical must be handled in the hood, if gloves are indicated, etc.)  

Section 2: The procedures

List the types of procedures you will be doing.  For example, you might be using acid digestions, TLC, solvent reduction by vacuum, soxhlet extraction, electrophoresis, column chromatography, etc.  Be especially sure to think about procedures that use hazardous chemicals, large amounts of chemicals, vacuum, high pressure gases, etc.  Record in your summary the safety considerations for each procedure.  Note if the procedure must be done in a hood or other special location.  

Section 3: The instruments/equipment

List the instruments you will be using. [Do not include minor equipment such as hotplates or pH meters.] You must be trained on each instrument-at a level that significantly exceeds what you got as a student in Gen Chem or Organic class.  If you have not yet been trained on an instrument that you will use later in your project, please indicate this.  Discuss the safety issues associated with each instrument with a faculty member.  Record in your summary the safety considerations for each instrument.  For some instruments, you will need to consider multiple safety issues.  For other instruments, safety just amounts to proper sample handling.  

Section 4: The wastes

Look back through Sections 1, 2, and 3.  Consider where chemical wastes will be generated.  List the ones you believe you can put down the drain or in the trash, and which you will save for disposal.