Campus Activities Board

The Roanoke College Campus Activities Board is responsible for producing the majority of the entertainment on campus. Large scale events sponsored by the board include Bingo nights, Fall Concert, R-Glow, and Carnival. Smaller events include comedy shows, movie nights, trips off campus and more.

Is there something or someone you would like to see on campus? Please contact us at or through social media.

Mission: The Campus Activities Board is a student-lead organization responsible for the coordination of the activities and scheduling of events by its constituent student organizations within the context of the college's activities.

CAB makes the college enjoyable through independently produced events. CAB serves the students, faculty, and staff of Roanoke College. All of the events produced, sponsored, or supported by the Campus Activities Board should be consistent with the mission of the college. CAB activities are required to be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Activities of his/her agents.


Social Media:

Twitter: Roanoke CAB

Snapchat: roanokecab

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Facebook: Roanoke College CAB


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