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Compliance tools (American Library Association)

  • Exceptions for an Instructor (A tool leading instructors through a series of questions regarding their intended use of materials for display or performance and assessing its fair use. Instructors may then print a time-stamped PDF document indicating their good faith effort to comply.)
  • Fair Use Evaluator (A tool leading instructors through a series of questions where they rate their perception of fairness on a sliding scale. The tool provides an average rating of your own evaluations four factors. It does not mean that your intended use is actually "fair". The tool can also provide a time-stamped PDF document showing the results.)
  • Public Domain Slider (a tool showing a work's copyright status by its original date of publication)
  • Section 108 Spinner (a tool showing what materials a library or archives may legitimately copy for their users, for replacement, or for preservation)

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