Digital Literacy and Applications Credential

Digital courses and the Digital Credential can help students 

  • apply academic content 
  • discover talents
  • build job skills

The credential in Digital Literacy and Applications is designed to complement any major at the College; completing courses in this credential will allow you to gain skills beneficial to living and working in a digital world. These skills combine with your liberal arts major to match the qualifications most often needed for that first post-college job. While simply completing a few of these skills-based courses will already help set you part from others, completing the credential will allow you to connect your newly-acquired skills to your major, minor, or concentration by using these skills for that program.

Interested in trying a course? DGTL courses are just 0.5 unit each, so they are easy to add on top of a regular load. DGTL courses last just half a semester, so you can be done by break or pick up a new course that starts after break. All DGTL courses are graded Pass/Fail. See Self Service for listings of courses in a particular semester. Options include DGTL 111 Spreadsheets, DGTL 112 Introduction to Database Applications, DGTL 121 Introduction to Coding, DGTL 131 Using Statistical Software: SPSS, DGTL 132 Using Statistical Software: R, DGTL 133 Using Statistical Software: SAS, DGTL 141 Digital Photography, DGTL 1452 Video Production.

Interested in earning the credential in Digital Literacy and Applications? You will need to successfully complete 2 units of coursework plus an applied project, research, or internship, as follows:

  • Complete four one-half unit DGTL courses; up to one unit of this requirement may be substituted by non-DGTL courses from any discipline for which digital applications or literacy are a primary focus. Approval of any substitution will be done by the credential coordinators.
  • Complete an applied project, perform research, or complete an internship, worth at least ½ unit, in your major, minor, or concentration that uses the skills acquired from at least one DGTL course (this need not be in addition to your major, minor, or concentration requirements); approval of the project, research, or internship in order to meet this requirement is by a credential coordinator in that major, minor or concentration’s division.

Have questions about the Digital Credential or any DGTL courses? Contact:              

Dr. Richard Keithley, Dr. Lindsey Osterman, or Dr. G. S. Rosenthal