Theatre Major & Minors

students participating in theaterMajor in Theatre

The Theatre major at Roanoke College is designed to give students a well-balanced education in the art of theatre.  Students are expected to take courses in each of the three disciplinary areas: Performance, Production and Design, and History and Literature in order to have a better understanding of all aspects of theatre, regardless of specialty or focus. 

A major in Theatre requires the completion of 12.5 units. 
These include:

 6 units from the core
THEA 101 Fundamentals of Theatre
THEA 125 Stagecraft
THEA 112 Acting I
THEA 240 Theatre History I
THEA 241 Theatre History II
THEA 450 Play Direction  

1.5 units of theatre lab
THEA 103 Theatre Lab
THEA 203 Intermediate Theatre Lab
THEA 303 Advanced Theatre Lab
*A minimum of four THEA 103 must be successfully completed before eligible for application for 203 or 303.   

Three units at the 200 or 300 level, one from each of the following areas: Performance, Productions and Design, or History and Literature

THEA 212 Acting II
THEA 312 Acting III
THEA 399 Special Topics (as appropriate)  

Production and Design
THEA 225 Scene Design
THEA 275 Costume Construction
THEA 325 Lighting Design
THEA 375 Costume Design for the Stage
THEA 399 Special Topics (as appropriate)  

History and Literature
THEA 231 Playwriting
THEA 330 Modern Drama
THEA 332 Shakespeare
THEA 342 Performance Theory
THEA 399 Special Topics (as appropriate)  

Two Electives
Elective may come from any level Theatre course and used to satisfy the student's core requirements; one INQ 270 and 271 course taught by Theatre faculty, with permission; or from courses in another major that have been approved by the department. 

Minor in Theatre

A minor in Theatre requires six and three-quarter units, to include:  

2 Units selected from the core:
THEA 101 Fundamentals of Theatre
THEA 125 Stagecraft
THEA 112 Acting I
THEA 240 Theatre History I
THEA 241 Theatre History II  

3 units at the THEA 200-level or above

1 THEA elective (or course approved by the department)

Three graded one-quarter credit courses in THEA 103 Theatre Lab

Theatre Arts Education

For courses in this sequence or requirements for teacher licensure, the student should consult the college catalog under Education.

For students declaring after fall 2017:

Theatre Major Checksheet

Theatre Minor Checksheet

For students who declared prior to fall 2017:

Theatre Arts Major Checksheet

Theatre Arts Minor: Dramaturgy Checksheet

Theatre Arts Minor: Performance Checksheet

Theatre Arts Minor: Theatrical Design Checksheet