Recruitment & Membership

What is Recruitment?

The process for joining a Greek organization is called "Recruitment." Recruitment practices vary among different organizations, but the respective governing councils, along with the Fraternity and Sorority Advisor, will monitor rules and regulations pertaining to recruitment.

We encourage students to enter the process with an open mind and attend events hosted by each of the organizations to learn more about the individual communities, traditions, values, and history of the organizations.

When can I join a fraternity or sorority? 

  • All Students may join Greek Life during the fall and spring semesters. The recruitment process differs for fraternities and sororities. 
  • Sororities: In the fall, sororities follow a more structured process called Formal Recruitment that requires potential new members to register through an online form called CampusDirector. Formal Recruitment is a week-long process that culminates in Bid Day.  After Formal Recruitment in the fall and spring, women can continue to join organizations by invitation through an informal process called Continuous Open Bidding (COB).
  • Fraternities: Fraternities will host recruitment periods in the fall and spring through a more informal process. Men are welcome to attend open house events at each fraternity house during the week leading up to Bid Day. 

What is Bid Day?

Bid Day marks the last day of fraternity and sorority recruitment when new members are extended invitations (aka “bids”) to join organizations. Bid Day is a day of big celebration.

How do I sign up for Sorority Formal Recruitment?

  • There is a $25 non-refundable fee to participate in Sorority Formal Recruitment. This should be paid online by credit or debit card during registration. Please follow RC Panhellenic on instagram for updates regarding their sorority events.