Statement on Unrecognized Groups

Several “underground” sororities, some of which associate with a once recognized national sorority, Phi Mu, continue to operate off-campus despite having lost or never receiving recognition from Roanoke College.  These organizations are not connected to a national organization, not advised by the College, are uninsured, and are unable to utilize campus resources.  Groups operating in this capacity are not regulated under College or national organization policies, which could result in undesirable consequences for both individual members and the group, such as hazing and alcohol/drug abuse.  Students should carefully consider the potential risks before joining an unrecognized group.

Phi Mu’s charter was revoked in 2014 after a series of risk management violations and chapter misconduct.  Phi Mu was eligible to return to the College in the fall of 2018, but the national organization has no intent to re-charter Roanoke College’s chapter at this time.

The following organizations are not recognized by the College:

  • Eta Phi
  • Gamma Eta
  • Ivy

Benefits of Joining a Recognized Organization

Students who choose to join underground groups may not receive all the benefits available to those who join a recognized fraternity or sorority.  Some benefits of joining a recognized fraternity or sorority include:

  1. Use of College facilities for meetings and events
  2. Programming and leadership development training opportunities offered by the College
  3. Involvement in Greek community events
  4. Support and advising from College staff
  5. Networking with national alumni chapters
  6. Guidance, programming, and training offered through national organization
  7. Attending leadership conferences
  8. Access to scholarships offered through national organization