Pre-Arrival Information

Travel to Roanoke College

The easiest way to travel to Roanoke College is to book a flight to Roanoke Regional Airport. Airlines serving Roanoke include US Airways, United and Delta. Direct flights to Roanoke are available from Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Roanoke College is located approximately six miles from the airport and transportation to the College is available by taxi for around $15. Depending on student staffing availability, the Roanoke International Office can arrange to pick up international students at the airport on their initial arrival. Please refer to emails from RIO for details.

It is also possible for you to travel to Roanoke by bus from any major American city. Bus travel is less expensive but generally much less convenient than travel by air. The Greyhound Bus Terminal is located in downtown Roanoke and taxi services are available to the College. The taxi fare is approximately $25.  More information.


The Roanoke Valley in southwest Virginia experiences all four seasons in a mild climate. The summer is usually warm, with daily high temperatures in July and August between in 85ºF and 95ºF, while fall and spring are moderate, with high temperatures between 50°F and 80°F. Winter lasts from December through February and there is infrequent snowfall, though skiing is only an hour from campus in nearby mountains.

Remember not to pack too much! You have to carry your luggage all the way from your home country so you don't want more weight than you can handle. Every residential hall has laundry facilities, so you can wash your clothing frequently. Casual dress is appropriate for classes, but you may want to bring more formal dress for special occasions. A sweater, gloves and a warm jacket are usually sufficient for winter weather.

If you bring any electrical appliances, don't forget to purchase a converter and an adapter in your own country. It will be much more difficult to find the appropriate converters here. Remember that the U.S. uses 110/120 volts instead of 220/240.

International Student Orientation

A special three-day orientation is required of all new international students. During orientation, new students learn about the higher education system in the U.S. and the distinctive features of Roanoke College. They learn what they can expect in their classes and what will be expected of them. They learn about American culture and American lifestyles and are introduced to the Salem and Roanoke communities. They become familiar with the Roanoke College campus and are given practical suggestions regarding banking, shopping, laundry and other basic concerns. They also participate in many social activities, which give them a chance to get to know each other and other students on campus. Orientation leaders and peer mentors from the U.S. and other countries are available to help new international students make the adjustment to college life in the U.S.

Information about the dates and schedule of international student orientation is provided to all new students when they enroll.  More information.

The Roanoke Valley of Virginia

Roanoke College is located in the beautiful Roanoke Valley, surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. These are the oldest mountains in North America, stretching along the Eastern seaboard of the United States from Maine to Georgia. The Blue Ridge Parkway follows the spectacular mountain ridges and affords panoramic views only 20 minutes from the campus. The Appalachian Trail is a 10 minute drive from Roanoke College as it winds through the mountains, providing a wilderness trail that is traveled by hundreds of ambitious hikers each year. 

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