Actions to be Implemented

The following specific actions will be taken in support of the goals of the QEP:

  • Transform the Office of Career Services into the PLACE to provide offices for additional staff (coaches), create an inviting environment for students to “hang out” as they reflect on and discuss questions about purpose and careers, and provide programming space for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Beginning with new students this fall, initiate coaching sessions using reflection and personal narrative as a mechanism to address the student learning outcomes about purpose.
  • Implement the assessment plan for purpose-centered student learning outcomes – beginning with AY2021-2022 which is the pilot year of our QEP.
  • Continue to provide financial support for the work of the RCDEEP program as it expands to include additional faculty.
  • Offer curriculum development grants to faculty who wish to explore course offerings within their disciplines, and/or elements within existing courses, about purpose and careers.
  • Partner with academic departments to develop strategic plans to better prepare students within their majors for careers and lives of purpose.
  • Develop materials for academic advisors to facilitate conversations and explorations of purpose with their advisees.
  • Continue to partner with key programs and offices to support efforts to infuse purpose into all aspects of college operations.
  • Market Purpose and PLACE to external constituents to better promote the unique character of a Roanoke College experience.
  • Inform and educate faculty and staff about the Purpose Project and seek their involvement in this work.