Goals of the QEP

The Purpose Project has wide reaching implications for the institution. It aims to align the language we use to describe purpose and the pursuit of purpose, with the practices and programming designed to support student development about purpose. It also strives to create a culture where all members of our community understand the importance of and role they play in supporting this work. Much of our work over the next few years will be to build expectations among prospective students and families about the importance of developing a sense of purpose, and demonstrating how we go about doing so. We must also create a culture to meet these expectations. And while some of these efforts go beyond the scope of the QEP, they do illustrate our institutional focus and commitment to this project.

At the heart of the Purpose Project is the QEP, with these main goals:

  • To provide a mechanism for students to reflect on their development in the context of purpose through coaching and personal narrative.
  • To support efforts across campus which infuse the exploration of purpose into the curriculum, co-curriculum, experiential, advising and mentoring, and other elements of the college experience.
  • To assess the student learning outcomes related to purpose, and expand and adjust programming and support based on these assessment outcomes.
  • To provide physical space for coaching and programming, and to connect purpose-related efforts across campus through a centralized location.
  • To provide branding and marketing to support the institutional adoption and integration of purpose into the ethos of the College.