Qualtrics Software Use Policy

Roanoke College's
Qualtrics Software Terms of Use Policy

For current Roanoke College Faculty, Staff and Students:

As a member of the Roanoke College community, you are eligible for a free Qualtrics account during your time at the College. Use of this College provided account is subject to agreement with the following terms and conditions. Users are also expected to comply with all other applicable College policies, state and federal laws including the federal copyright laws.

Terms of Use Policy:

  1. Faculty and staff are responsible for general oversight of acceptable and responsible use of Qualtrics among students conducting research under their supervision.
  2. Survey researchers involving human subjects are required to obtain proper Roanoke College IRB approval. All surveys administered through a Roanoke College Qualtrics account are subject to the College’s Survey Policy as well.
  3. Using your Qualtrics account for non-college related activities is prohibited. This includes personal use or use on behalf of a company/other unit (whether for pay or not).
  4. Sharing your Qualtrics account log in information is prohibited.
  5. Qualtrics will archive and retain survey instruments and survey responses indefinitely. However, users are responsible for archiving their data to other media such as a local hard drive or flash drive prior to expiration of the Qualtrics account. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment is not responsible for archiving or retrieving data.
  6. Qualtrics administrators at Roanoke College routinely monitor the volume of surveys and survey respondents for system management purposes. Usage may also be subject to auditing and security testing.
  7. Individuals using copyright material or third party logos are responsible for procuring proper authorization.
  8. All Qualtrics survey distributions must originate from a valid Roanoke College email address. Survey distributions from email addresses such as, Yahoo, Gmail, or other non-RC address is prohibited.
  9. Misuse of Roanoke College logos, seals, or trademarks is prohibited (Acceptable Use).
  10. All behavioral expectations set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy apply.
  11. Roanoke College reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the RC Qualtrics offering and these Terms of Use.

Any violation of these policies will result in:

  1. suspension or loss of software use and
  2. referral to the College’s appropriate disciplinary procedure.

I have read and agree to the above Terms of Use

Portions of this policy were adopted from existing academic policies related to Qualtrics from California State University Stanislaus, Wright State University and Webster University.