Human Development Concentration

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Professor Darcey Powell, Coordinator

The Concentration in Human Development exposes students to the broader life-span perspective and allows them to focus on the stages (e.g., childhood, adolescence, adulthood) and the topics most applicable to their personal or professional goals. The concentration in human development requires the completion of 6 units.

The concentration in human development requires the completion of 6 units.

  • Developmental Overview (1 unit): PSYC 221.
  • Social Science Research Methods (1 unit): PSYC 202, SOCI 351 or 352, CJUS 209, POLI 209, IR 209, COMM 350.
  • Focused Developmental Courses (2 units): PSYC 321, 322, 323, 329.
  • Electives (2 units): An additional two courses from within Psychology (PSYC 316-319, 321-329, 330-339, 342-349, 351-359, 372-376, 381-383) or specific related fields (RELG 225, CJUS 231, ANTH 240, SOCI 226, 238). Human development-related inquiry or intensive learning courses, special topics courses (in any discipline), or other appropriate courses (e.g., transfer or study abroad courses) may be counted toward completion of the two elective courses with approval of the concentration advisor.

To apply for the concentration, students must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher in the courses completed at the time of application. At least three courses not offered in the Major are required for a Concentration.

 Table of courses needed for the human development concentration
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