Minor in Psychology

Minor in Psychology

Psychology intersects with many other areas of study in a variety of ways because of its focus on people. A minor in psychology can be a useful addition to any major with the selection of courses tailored to fit what is most relevant to the student.

  • The minor in psychology requires the completion of 6 units.
  • Core Overview (1 unit): PSYC 101
  • Core Research Methods (1 unit): PSYC 202, SOCI 351,SOCI 352, CJUS 209, POLI 209, IR 209, COMM 350.
  • Domain Courses (2 units): Any two 200 level courses (221/231/241/251).
  • Electives (2 units): An additional two PSYC courses, at the 300, excluding Internship (316/317) and Mentored Research (306, 311/312, 405/406/407, 495/496/497).

 chart of units that must be completed
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