Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

The Roanoke College Psychology Department seeks to enhance the psychological literacy of students by employing a scientist-educator model in a supportive, close-knit environment. We strive to offer an exceptional quality psychology program that prepares students to think critically and creatively, and to act ethically and effectively within a complex and ever-changing society.

Mission Statement

In accord with the College's Mission and Freedom with Purpose statements, the mission of the Roanoke College Psychology Department is to develop students into citizens who are informed, resourceful, and responsible.

We strive to develop students who are informed with the knowledge and wisdom that result from scientific literacy and an in-depth knowledge of the science of psychology. We seek ways to promote a love of learning in our students that will lead to their taking responsibility for their education. We strive to offer a rigorous program of study that will instill the knowledge that is essential to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We strive to develop our students into resourceful citizens by teaching them to think for themselves, not with the biases of opinion, but with critical and ethical reasoning skills. We seek to develop students who have the skills and experience needed to scientifically research and investigate problems in the real world. Ultimately, we endeavor to produce students who are prepared to take an active role in a wide variety of careers and/or to successfully pursue advanced graduate level degrees.

We strive to develop students into responsible citizens who will become valuable members of society. We endeavor to reach these goals by instilling a lifelong love of learning and an unending effort to act responsibly and ethically. Learning goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and, ideally, extends to a learning about others that is based on mutual understanding and respect. We endeavor to maintain a close-knit, supportive learning environment that both models and promotes these ideals.