Energy Myths

ENERGY MYTH 1:  Leaving the lights on all day uses less energy than turning them on and off multiple times throughout the day.

False!  Turning off fluorescent lights for more than 5 seconds will save more energy than will be consumed in turning them back on again. As a general rule, if you will be out of a room for more than 15 minutes, turn it off! Department of Energy - Energy Saver

ENERGY MYTH 2: When I turn off appliances such as coffee makers, computers, tvs, and microwaves they no longer consume energy.

False!  Many appliances continue to slowly drain energy even when they are powered off!  This is referred to as standby or vampire power. Standby power can account for up to 10% of a residential power bill! Find out how much standby power your appliances consume using this cool Energy Vampire Calculator!  Department of Energy - Energy Saver and Duke Energy   

ENERGY MYTH 3:  It's cheaper to leave your thermostat at a constant temperature when your not at home. 

False!  Keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature while you are away increases the runtime of your heating or air conditioning system and, therefore, uses more energy. By lowering your heating set point while you are out of the house in the winter you will reduce the run time of your heating system and save energy! Similarly, raising your cooling set point in the summer months will cause your air conditioning system to run less frequently and use less energy! You can save up to 1% per year on your heating/ cooling bill for each degree that you set back the thermostat for eight hours, such as when you're sleeping or at work.  Chicago Tribune