2020-2021 Calendar

Fall Term

August 15 Saturday New Students Move-In Day
August 17 Monday Returning Student Move-In Day
August 18 Tuesday Evening classes begin
August 19 Wednesday Day Classes Begin
November 17 Tuesday Last Day of Classes
November 18 Wednesday Reading Day
November 19-24 Thur.-Tue. Exams
December 3 Thursday Grades Due at Noon

Spring Term

February 1-7 Mon. - Sun. Residence halls open for Spring term. Arrivals to be determined by prearranged appointment with the Office of Residence Life and Housing.  Scheduling is in process.
February 6-7 Sat. - Sun. Welcome Back Orientation for First Year Students
February 8 Monday Classes Begin
April 15-17 Thurs.-Sat. Alumni Weekend
May 14 Friday Last Day of Classes
May 17 Monday Exams Begin
May 21 Friday Exams End
May 22 Saturday Graduation - Class of 2020
May 25 Tuesday Senior grades due at noon
May 29 Saturday Graduation - Class of 2021
June 1 Monday Final Grades due at noon

Intensive Learning Term

June 1 Tuesday Intensive Learning Term Begins
June 18 Friday Intensive Learning Term Ends

Summer Terms

June 1 Monday Early Summer Term Begins
June 21 Monday Summer Session I and III Begin
June 24 Thursday Last Day of Early Summer Term Classes
June 25-26 Thurs.-Fri. Early Summer Term Exams
July 5 Monday Closed in observence of Independence Day; No classes
July 15 Thursday Last Day of Summer Session I Classes
July 16-17 Fri.-Sat. Summer Session I Exams
July 19 Monday Summer Session II begins
August 11 Thursday Last Day of Summer Session II Classes
August 12-13 Thur.-Fri. Summer Session II Exams
August 16 Monday Final Grades for Summer Sessions II and III due at noon