Registration Information Sheet

The Courses Offered List can be accessed from the side menu in Self-Service or through the following link:

COURSE CHANGES - Once your pre-registration start time and date is active, you may modify your schedule by adding or dropping classes through Self-Service or Ellucian Go. If a class is at full capacity, and the course instructor is allowing you to add the class, you will still need to present a "change to course schedule" form to the Registrar's Office with both your advisor's and the instructor's signature.

FIRST DAY CLASS ATTENDANCE AND DROP POLICY - Unless prior consent for absence from the first meeting of a class is granted by the course instructor, the instructor may request that the Office of the Registrar drop an absent student from the class roster. However, it is the responsibility of the student, not the instructor or the advisor, to make sure that he/she is enrolled in the correct schedule each term. An instructor is not required to drop an absent student; it is an option available to an instructor. Students are expected to drop any course for which they do not intend to remain registered. Simply not attending class does not constitute a drop.

PASS/FAIL COURSES - Students wishing to register for a course on a pass/fail basis must submit a Request for Pass/Fail Enrollment to the Registrar's Office within the "add" period for that class. Eligibility criteria for taking a class on a pass/fail basis are stated on the request form. See the academic calendar for the pass/fail deadline.

AUDIT COURSES - Students may audit a course for non-credit. A Request to Audit a Course must be submitted within the "add" period for the class in question. Failure to submit the request will result in the student receiving a grade in the class. NOTE: A student must be registered for the class prior to submitting a request to audit a course.

COURSE OVERLOAD - An overload fee is applicable to each full course unit taken in excess of five course units in either the Fall or Spring term. This fee is based on the number of course units for which a student is registered at the end of the "add" period. A student registering for an overload must complete a "Request to Overload" form, which is available in the Registrar's Office, complete the form, obtain the approval and signature of the advisor, and submit the form to the Registrar's office. Fractional unit courses in applied music for which a student pays fees, in addition to the comprehensive fee, will be exempt from the student's total course load in determining overload charges.

ADDITIONAL COURSE FEES - Some courses may require an additional fee. These particular courses are identified by a $ which is located in the course's section offering information. The number of $'s translate to the fee range for the course as demonstrated in the key below:

# of $'s

Additional Fee Cost
$$ Less than $100
$$$ $100.00- $999.99
$$$$ $1,000.00- and up

PHYSICAL EDUCATION ACTIVITY CREDIT - Physical Education activity classes carry 0.25 unit credit.

FULL-TIME STATUS - Three units constitute a full-time status; however, four or five units is the normal expected course load.

During ADD/DROP Course Section Availability may be viewed using Self Service or Ellucian GO