What exactly is an internship? An internship is a short-term work experience designed to provide insight into work in a field that interests you.  During an internship, you will apply academic skills and learning to everyday work situations.  Through an internship, you may discover whether you would like to work in that field, and you will gain experience that you can cite when you apply for career positions later.

Why are the benefits of completing an internship?

  • Students from all majors can benefit from doing an internship while in college. You’ll gain skills, experience, and perhaps even discern a career path. Our department has been talking with various local organizations, agencies, and businesses to find good opportunities for our students where they can draw on the skills of the humanities, including critical thinking, analysis, and effective writing. 
  • Internships can give you a taste of what jobs are like, helping you make career decisions. Through internships, you'll gain valuable experience that will look great on your resume, help you get into a respected graduate program or land a great job.
  • In a time of increasingly competitive job markets, a successful internship may provide the distinguishing edge for a student. Interns learn about the host organization, get a taste of working in the real world, and are provided with opportunities to establish important networking relationships that often lead to employment after graduation. An internship also offers an opportunity to test textbook theories in the world. Many students have indicated that their internship was a highlight of their college experience.
  • You can gain interpersonal and communication skills that prepare you for a job, and help you network with others in the field. Credits earned count as an elective in the major or minor and in some cases can be used to satisfy the Intensive Learning (May Term) requirement.

Where can internships take place? Internships are not limited to the Roanoke Valley. Students may secure domestic and international internships. Since COVID, virtual internships are now offered at many sites.

Who is eligible?   All students are eligible.

When can internships take place? Internships can happen in the fall, spring, May Term, and summer semesters. Roanoke College offers reduced tuition in the summer for internship registration ($400 for 1.0 unit).

Can I get academic credit? Yes! Depending on how many total hours you will spend at your internship site, you can register for 1.0 units (at least 110 hours) or 0.5 units (at least 55 hours). To receive credit, you must be registered by the add/drop deadline for the semester during which the internship occurs.

Can I get paid by the internship site? Yes! This is allowed.

Will an internship count toward graduation or my major/minor?  Yes! Up to three units can count toward graduation, and both Religious Studies and Philosophy allow one unit of internship to count as an elective in any of our programs.


  • 110 hours for full credit
  • Learning agreement.
  • A reflection on your experience: reflection paper, journal, or presentation.
  • Evaluation by site supervisor.
  • Communication with Professor Wisnefske during the internship.

Steps (including registration by drop/add deadline)

  • Have an initial conversation with Professor Wisnefske (West 301). He can provide leads, review requirements, and assist with the details of the internship. If you would like Professor Wisnefske to contact you, send him a quick note at
  • Identify potential sites.
  • Internship sites need to have a supervisor who agrees to the hour requirement, works with you to formulate learning objectives for your experience, and agrees to evaluate your work during/after the experience.
  • Meet with Professor Wisnefske and submit a learning agreement with request for registration. Note: additional steps are needed to take advantage of the summer tuition reduction or if applying to substitute for a May Term.

What kind of internships are out there for someone in the Religion & Philosophy department?

  • Voices of Faith—a local organization that fosters interfaith dialogue
  • Points of Diversity—a local organization that promotes inclusion and diversity
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salem is seeking a youth ministry intern
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church in Roanoke is seeking a youth ministry intern
  • All Places Together—a radically inclusive, digital community of the ELCA is seeking someone to do graphic design
  • The Roanoke Chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
  • Earth Care—a local music ministry that addresses sustainability and social issues
  • United Way—an international network of local non-profit organizations
  • Carilion Clinic Chaplaincy Services—supports patients, families, and staff  
  • LewisGale Medical Center Chaplaincy Services—supports patients, families, and staff  
  • Rescue Mission of Roanoke—provides housing, meals, and services for the homeless
  • The Salvation Army—an international charitable organization
  • Local business that seek the critical insight of Humanities students!