Jobs & Grad School

Opportunities with a Sociology Degree

Along with the College's Career Services office, the sociology faculty at Roanoke College are prepared and want to help students with their career interests and to tailor an educational program for them. Ninety-one percent of those who participated in the alumni survey indicated receiving job offers or an acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation. Sociology majors pursue a wide variety of jobs and careers, including the following:

In local and state governments, as well as the Federal government, working in areas such as housing, health, welfare, minority affairs, and population.

In the business world, working in management, public relations, community affairs, real estate, and insurance.

In social services, working directly with children or the elderly, offenders, the poor, or the physically and mentally ill, or working in an agency that administers services.

In policy making and administration in all types of employment settings -- from government agencies to community relations to health agencies to law enforcement.

In education as teachers in elementary or secondary schools.

In numerous other fields, ranging from college admissions and student services to working for a research organization to working in the media.

A Sample of Recent Positions obtained by Roanoke College Sociology Graduates:
  • Assistant Director of Admissions, Roanoke College
  • Mental Health Counselor, Cedar Springs Hospital
  • Marketing and Sales Coordinator, Stouffer Harborplace Hotel
  • Health Educator, Roanoke Memorial Hospital
  • Social Worker, Massachusetts Dept. of Social Services
  • Teacher, Roanoke County & City Public Schools
  • Educator, Planned Parenthood
  • Social Worker, VA Medical Center
  • Legal Assistant, Carter, Brown, and Osborne
  • Claims Adjuster, Allstate Insurance Company
  • Promotion Assistant, Fox 21/27 Television
  • Case Manager, FMRS Mental Health Counselor
  • Police Officer, Roanoke City Police Department
  • Marketing Representative, Unifirst Corporation
  • Social Worker, Lexington Dept. of Social Services
  • Paralegal, Hartlaub, Dotten, and Connelly
  • Mental Health Assistant, Behavior Research Institute
  • Environmental Issues Group, Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Care Manager, Senior Center
Graduate/Professional School Opportunities with a Sociology Degree

Many sociology majors, either immediately after graduation or within the next several years, choose to extend their formal education. While some choose to enter doctoral or masters programs in sociology or anthropology, an even greater number enter programs in areas such as law, education, criminal justice, social work, public health, health administration, counseling, and urban studies.

Recent Graduate & Professional Schools that R.C. Sociology Graduates Have Attended:
  • The University of Virginia (sociology, education, and public policy departments, as well as the law school)
  • Virginia Tech (sociology, public administration, health administration, family studies, and urban studies departments, as well as student services)
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Charlotte (sociology, public health, and social work departments)
  • George Washington University (urban studies)
  • Washington and Lee University (law school)
  • Wake Forest University (law school)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (sociology and social work)
  • Hollins University (liberal studies)
  • University of South Carolina (social work and health administration)
  • University of Maryland (social work)
  • Radford University

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