Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars Program at Roanoke College is a grant program that enables qualified students to conduct intensive, independent research for eight to twelve weeks during the summer. To qualify, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and must have completed 8 units of credit by the start of the grant period. Each summer scholar works with a faculty mentor who guides the project. Over the course of the summer, students and mentors meet for a series of colloquia to share ideas.

At the conclusion of the program, a day is set aside to showcase the work of the student scholars. In oral presentations, poster sessions, and research exhibits, they present the findings of their summer-long research, on projects that range from polymer synthesis to the culture of bullfighting in Spain. The Summer Scholar award covers activation waiver for one unit of independent study, on-campus housing, and a stipend of $2500.

Examples of Sociology and Public Health Projects:

  • Emma Howard-Woods. Barriers to Healthcare Access: How Socioeconomic Status Affects Perceived Access to Healthcare. Major: Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Kristen Rapp, Sociology)
  • Stephanie Zemba. Social Isolation Among Aging Immigrants. Major: Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Meeta Mehrotra, Sociology)
  • Sasha Bronder. Marijuana and Marginalized Communities: Policies on Legalization and Their Impact on Social Justice. Major: Religious Studies, Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Kristi L. Hoffman, Sociology)

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