Student Organizations

Section 5 - Student Organizations



•A. A group will become a recognized student organization upon completing the following requirements and procedures:
1. Hold interest meeting(s) to attract students who might wish to join the organization. The Colket Center can assist you in planning and promoting your meeting(s).

2. Compile a list of potential members of the organization. The number of members should be sufficient to accomplish the mission of the organization and ensure the organization will continue as an on-going entity with a minimum number of six (6) students.
3. Secure a member of the faculty or staff who will serve as adviser to your organization.
4. Write and pass a constitution under which your organization will operate. This constitution should contain the following:


a. Name

b. Purpose

c. Membership

d. Meeting information

e. Officer selection and duties

f. Funding (*if only using student activity fee budget allocation you do not need this section)

g. How to amend

The stated purpose and goals of the organization must be consistent with the College's mission, purpose, goals and values. A sample constitution is available from the Colket Center.


A. The membership list, faculty/staff adviser, proposed constitution, and a report on how financial matters are to be handled and how budget needs are to be met must be submitted to the Colket Center. All sources of outside funding must be disclosed. This information will be submitted to the Student Government Association (SGA) for its review. A member of the forming organization will be required to attend the SGA meeting where the group's application for recognition will be discussed.

B. Upon receiving SGA's recommendation, the organization's request for recognition shall be reviewed by the Student Life Council.

C. If approved by Student Life Council, the recommendation is submitted for final approval to the Vice President-Student Affairs.


A. Membership in all organizations must be open to any member of the Roanoke College community who is willing to subscribe to the stated aims and meet the stated obligations of the organization. Membership in student organizations is limited to Roanoke College students, faculty and staff. Single-sex organizations such as those organizations affiliated with a national fraternity or sorority or a sports club, are exempt from the open membership requirement. Certain college-sponsored honorary organizations have selective criteria for membership.

B. Recognized student organizations are entitled to:

1. Reserve and use college facilities and services

2. Use the campus mail services for distributing notices and


3. Use college bulletin boards

4. Use the Roanoke College name (see license agreement)

5. Use an organizational post office box (if available)

6. Maintain an on-campus account for organizational funds

7. Use the college's tax-exempt status for purchases

8. Sponsor fundraising activities on campus

9. Use the college's business license for resale of items

10. Buy wholesale products through the college bookstore

11. To petition Student Life Council for access to student activity


12. To use college disk space, set up a web site and have an e-mail account

13. Establish a ClubHub page to maintain your organization information.

•C. Responsibilities of Student Organizations

1. Update ClubHub with changes in organization leadership in a timely manner.

2. Remain in good standing with the college.

3. Operate in a manner consistent with mission of Roanoke College and the organization's statement of purpose.

4. Have on ClubHub a current constitution, list of officers, membership roster, and faculty or staff adviser.

5. Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and the Roanoke College Conduct Code.

6. Follow all College and departmental policies and procedures.

7. Manage College resources wisely, ethically, and according to College and department guidelines.

8. Provide adequate lead-time when services are needed from College departments.

9. Consult with the Colket Center staff and other appropriate departments when large, unusual, or potentially risky events are planned.

10. Ensure continuity from year to year by training new leaders and keeping good records.

11. Have at least one advisor who is a member of the Roanoke College faculty or staff.

•D. All recognized organizations are subject to the following conditions:

1. Funding - organizations may petition the Student Life Council for use of student activity funds. Approval of such funds will, generally speaking, be granted for operating expenses and/or for events and activities directly or indirectly benefiting the entire student body. Budgets should be submitted in the spring for funding the following academic year.

2. Good Standing - organizations must update ClubHub with the names and titles of the officers, a current constitution and a membership roster for the upcoming term. Any group failing to do so may be dropped as a recognized student organization and forfeit all rights and privileges granted through college recognition. See: Student Life Council, Appendix L - Funding Guidelines


The organizations listed below have been approved by the Student Government Association. All of the clubs provide opportunities to develop skills and gain practical experience. So look them over, see what interests you, and then contact the ones you think you might want to join. If you need further help or want to form your own organization, stop by the Colket Center or look on the college's web pages at See: Colket Center

Alpha Kappa Chi 

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Amnesty International

Anime Club

Asian Students United

Astronomy Club

Beekeeping Society 

Best Buddies

Billiards Club 

Biology Club 

Black Student Alliance

Board Game Club 

The Brackety-Ack (newspaper)

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Catholic Campus Ministry

CEO Club 

Chi Omega

College Democrats

College Republicans

Colleges Against Cancer

Community Council

Commuter Connections

Creative Writing Club 

Dance Team

Delta Gamma

Delta Sigma Theta


Equestrian Club

Ethics Bowl Team

FEMMES Take out

Flaming Hott Dance Troupe Take out

French Club 

German Club 

Habitat for Humanity


Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement (HOLA)

Hockey Club

Honors Association Program

Inter-Fraternity Council

International Club

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Kappa Alpha

Lambda Alliance

Looking for an Echo

Lutheran Student Movement


Martial Arts Club 

Men's Club Lacrosse

Men's Club Soccer

Model United Nations 

Mu Beta Psi

National Residence Hall Honorary 

Nerf Gun Wars 

On Concept's Edge

Panhellenic Council

Philosophy Club 

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Phi

Psychology Association

Public Affairs Society 

Quiz Bowl Team

RC Math and Computer Science Club 

Roanoke College Garden Club



Rugby Club

Sexual Assault Awareness Recovery Team

Shades of Maroon

Sigma Chi

Spirit Team - Cheerleaders

Spirit Team - Pep Band

Spirit Team - Rooney handlers

Spirit Team - Rooney performers

Student Athletic Advisory Council

Student Firearms Association

Student Government Association

Student Wellness Action Team

Student Veterans Association


Toy Like Me 

Stage Tech Crew

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Video Game Club 

Women's Club Soccer

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club

WRKE-LPFM 100.3 (campus radio station)

Young Life


Roanoke College, as a private institution of higher education, recognizes and acknowledges that the exchange of opinion is paramount in education, and it therefore becomes an accepted obligation of this institution to provide for that exchange. Roanoke College also recognizes that all opinions of free men and women in a free society are not in accord, nor are all opinions in accord with the purposes and policies of Roanoke College. Yet, the college cherishes the freedom granted it as a private institution in a great American democracy protected by constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression, and accepts the responsibility that those freedoms demand, within its purpose as an educational institution.

It is still essential that there be orderly management of the function of the college; therefore, the following rules are provided for the benefit of the entire college community:

1. Individuals or groups being presented on the campus of Roanoke College or Roanoke College students or student groups wishing to rally, demonstrate, or make a presentation on the campus should serve the broad educational aims of the institution.

2. Only a department or agency of the college and those organizations that are officially recognized by the college may invite individuals or groups to the campus.

3. Since the privilege of question is vital to the educational process, the college will expect that opportunity will be given for a question and answer exchange at a time mutually agreeable to the visitor(s), the sponsoring organization, and the college, with every effort to be made to schedule such an exchange at the conclusion of any primary appearance.

4. The use of facilities and the date and time of the engagement must be cleared in advance with the Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities who maintains the official college calendar.

5. Attendance at presentations by such visitors shall be limited to members of the academic community, unless the college extends invitations to a limited number of guests or to the public.

6. The presence of any individual or group on this campus with authorization granted under these procedures in no way implies that the college endorses or supports the views implied or expressed by that individual or group. The college looks with disfavor upon individuals or groups who advocate the overthrow of the constitutional government of the United States of America.

All performance, events, activities, parties, etc. sponsored by recognized student organizations must be in compliance with Roanoke College policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and laws. The sponsoring campus organization must assist with the enforcement of policies, procedures, laws, and codes. The sponsoring organization will be held accountable for violations. Roanoke College reserves the right to end any performance, event, or activity for due cause. Furthermore, Roanoke College reserves the right to exclude all persons not conforming to acceptable behavior.

Campus organizations that sponsor events on the Roanoke College campus must abide with the specifics of the following agreement:

1. During an event, all guests/participants must enter through designated entrance(s). The sponsoring organization is responsible for assisting the Roanoke College staff by monitoring the emergency exits and restricting access through these doors.

2. Roanoke College facilities, including the entire Colket Center, are designated no-smoking areas. Guests/participants may go outside to smoke.

3. All persons, backpacks, large handbags, packages, coats, and jackets are subject to search before entering college facilities or at any time within the facility in use. In addition, no bottles, cups, or other beverage containers may be brought into the Colket Center Cavern during a campus event. Is this something we just leave but obviously people can bring in water bottles?

4. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of its guests, participants, and audience members including the prevention of underage drinking. If the performance, event or activity is open to the public and therefore deemed a "high risk event," the College reserves the right to require Campus Safety Officers and/or Salem Police Department Officers to work the event. In this case, the labor cost may be included in the cost of the production of the event and passed along to the sponsoring organization. All security personnel for campus events must be acquired through Campus Safety.

5. The sponsoring organization is responsible for maintaining all College furniture and equipment in good condition. The guests, participants, and audience must not stand on furniture or equipment. If furniture is moved out of a facility or re-arranged within that facility for an event or activity, it must be returned to its original location immediately following the event. The sponsoring organization will provide a work crew to accomplish this task.

6. The sponsoring organization must provide a work crew to clean up following the event or activity and return that facility to the condition that it was prior to the event. In any case, the work crew may not leave the facility until the event manager on duty releases them. Take this out?

7. During a performance, the sponsoring organization will ensure that there will be:

A. No genital or (for women) breast nudity. No nudity or exposed genitals?

B. No self-mutilation.

C. No ingesting substances or items that could cause permanent harm.

D. No activities involving bodily fluids or bodily functions.

E. No stunts that could cause serious injury, i.e. diving into a wading pool, bungee jumping from the rafters, etc.

Approved April 2006

Standards for Student Organizations

Organizations shall be held responsible for complying with these standards and it is their responsibility to educate their members regarding these standards. Organizations must also be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the nation, state, county, city and their respective national organization and Roanoke College’s policies.


The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages while in an organization's designated living area or during an event or activity sponsored or endorsed by an organization, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws, college and organizational policies. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through the organization's treasury, nor may the purchase of alcoholic beverages for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of or on behalf of the organization. The purchase and/or use of bulk quantities of alcohol e.g., kegs, is prohibited. Members and guests of legal age may provide their own alcohol at approved social events. Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverage allowed at approved social events unless otherwise approved by college officials. No organization members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor i.e., those under the legal drinking age of 21. The possession use, distribution, or manufacture of any illegal drug or controlled substance, or possession or use of paraphernalia that contains drug residue while in an organization's designated living area or during an event or activity sponsored or endorsed by an organization is prohibited. No organization may co-sponsor an event with an alcoholic distributor, charitable organization, or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold, or otherwise provided to those present. No organization may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host organizations or groups. All membership recruitment or rush activities of an organization must be alcohol free. Only specifically invited guests may attend social events where alcohol is present. Attendance by non-members of an organization, without specific invitation, is prohibited. No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage, or participate in any games, events, etc. involving alcohol. No alcohol may be present at any pledge/associate member/novice program or activity of the organization. 


Organizations shall not perpetrate, condone, nor tolerate any form of discrimination, lack of respect, or act of intolerance against any person or organization based on race, religion, ethnic background, gender, gender orientation, or disability.


Hazing is prohibited. Organizations are responsible for any hazing conducted by its members. Hazing constitutes a violation of the Roanoke College Student Conduct Code. Hazing is defined by the college as a violation of the state code of Virginia regarding hazing and / or as any intentional action or created situation, whether on or off college premises, that produces psychological or physical discomfort or injury, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: use of alcohol, physical abuse including paddling in any form, creation of excessive fatigue, physical and psychological stress, quests, treasure and scavenger hunts, road trips, wearing of apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in activities which are morally degrading, humiliating, or embarrassing; and any other activities which are inconsistent with or in violation of college or organizational policies.


Organizations shall not tolerate nor condone any form of sexually abusive behavior by any of its members, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Such behavior includes any actions that are demeaning including, but not limited to, date rape, gang rape, or verbal harassment.

It is college policy to maintain open communications with an organization's national headquarters regarding matters of importance concerning their respective organizations.

Funding Guidelines

I. Student Activities Fee Policy

a. The Student Activities fee shall be distributed by the Student Life Council (SLC) annually. The process shall continue as follows.

i. The Director of Student Activities (or other designee of the Vice-President for Student Affairs) shall prepare a draft budget, keeping in mind funding in the following areas:

1. Colket Center & Administration

a. Campus Activity Board (CAB)

b. Campus Newspaper

c. Campus Magazine

d. Campus Radio Station

2. Student Government Association (SGA)

a. Clubs and Organizations

3. Campus Recreation

ii. This budget shall be approved by SLC prior to the end of the fall semester.

iii. Following the approval of the full budget, the Student Government Association will begin its budgetary process as outlined in Section II.

b. The SGA will be responsible for any mid-year funding requests from recognized student organizations. The Director of Student Activities will be responsible for any special event requests or other funding

II. SGA Annual Budgeting Procedures

a. Clubs and Organizations that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association can apply for funding in the following manner for annual budget requests for the following academic year.

i. Organizations will receive the method of submission, example budget, and the current funding guidelines from the SGA Treasurer within four weeks of the budget request deadline.

ii. Budget requests will be submitted to the SGA Treasurer prior to spring break, unless approval is given by SGA. If money was granted in the previous academic year, the clubs spending history and midyear review information will also be considered with the present year’s request.

iii. Following Spring Break, the Treasurer will bring all submitted budget requests to the treasury committee of SGA for action.

iv. Following action on all budget requests, the Treasurer will incorporate these requests into allocations for the following areas, then submit for approval by the Senate:

1. Annual budget requests

2. New Student group, mid-year budget, and special event requests.

3. SGA Budget

b. Following approval of the club and organization budgets by the Senate, the Treasurer and President of the SGA will bring the master budget for final approval of the SLC.

III. Expenditure of Student Activity Fees

a. For requests under $50 dollars, you can use a petty cash form to get a reimbursement. Purchasers will need to get a signature from a staff representative of the office of Student Activities and submit the form to the business office.

b. For any request, students may submit a check request for reimbursement or to pay vendors (if they submit an invoice for payment by check). Purchasers will need to get a signature from a staff representative of the office of Student Activities and submit the form to the business office.

c. Student Organizations may also check out a credit card from the Colket Info Desk with the approval of a staff representative from the office of Student Activities by filling out a credit card request form.

d. All expenditures require the signature of a staff representative of the office of Student Activities as well as return of the original, itemized receipt.